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Every business owner is aware of the time it now takes to marketing their business in an online world. Complain as we may, it is now an essential part of marketing your business. Connecting with your followers in this busy world is more valuable than ever.

What is Targeted Marketing?
Having a website and business cards is no longer enough. Now we can engage our clientele through social media and email marketing. Instead of your customers coming to you, you now have the opportunity to approach them where they are. This can be through Facebook and Twitter posts or an e-newsletter that puts your message directly into their inboxes (with their permission of course).

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Email Marketing
There is no denying it - Email Marketing is still the most effective marketing you can do. By adding a newsletter sign up to your website you can keep in touch with your customers and engage with potential customers. Zuk Design is a Constant Contact provider, and as such, we can set up your first newsletter and get you started quickly and easily. Contact us for more information about Email Marketing.

Business Facebook 
The great thing about Facebook is, it’s free! The most important thing is to be sure to set up a proper Business Facebook for your business that is separate from your personal profile. What’s the difference? With a Personal Facebook, people have to request to "friend" you or be invited, and only friends can see your posts. A Business Facebook can be seen by anyone and once they "like" your page, they can follow your posts. Anyone can see a Business Facebook page, even if they are not on Facebook. You do have to have a Personal Facebook page to get a Business Facebook, although you do not have to use it - you can have it set to block everyone or just a select group of friends.

It is very important to separate your personal life from your business life. Not everything you post might be appropriate for your business. However, Facebook can be a valuable tool to engage and build relationships with a lot of different businesses both locally and afar.

Some people prefer Twitter. Many use both Twitter and Facebook. Both allow you to schedule posts to go out at various times. Twitter has great tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. Hootsuite also allows you to add images to your tweets, which is becoming even more essential as images make your tweets stand out and get noticed.

If you need assistance, Contact us. We can set up your Twitter and Facebook accounts for you.